For Your Servicing Needs

All of our Refrigeration & Air Conditioning services are provided by our highly experienced maintenance division and are available across the Sydney basin, Wollongong and the Central Coast. Regular preventative maintenance can be programmed to suit your requirements of fortnightly, monthly or quarterly inspections. Our service staff can assist in keeping your equipment running perfectly every day of the year.

Catering To All Servicing Needs

We provide maintenance solutions for both Refrigeration and Air Conditioning requirements to maintain efficiency in your operations and avoid the risk of costly downtime and loss of productivity.

A preventative maintance schedule can be designed around your business’s unique requirements from weekly to monthly, bi-annual to annual solutions.

In the unforseen event of a breakdown, feel at ease knowing you can reach our team anytime on 1300 CHILLS.

Peace Of Mind

We guarantee a high level of service and repairs from our qualified team of technicians.

Rest assured that we hold sustainable, efficient solutions as a priority when carrying out any form of work for your business.

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